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2019-01-24 00:11:38 BdST

WORDS About Art of Medicine and medical education


Professor Dr. Subhagata Choudhury




Art of Medicine and medical education is so universal so we should have less constraints to learn wherever what and when/freedom to choose should be the way to progress not limited to a system which is not appropriate or useful/ our procrastination to change is one of the reasons why our medicine did not progress as expected.


The question bank on creative questions prepared by retired teachers who are experts and not involved in coaching may help there may be 100 sts and the perfect set will be released 10 minutes before exam by digital technology to all centres at a time ,no body can copy, no leaking the person who will be doing it will be interned without any communication 7 days before.


Need to tell you a story: two friends went to learn a musical instrument "Tabla"to a music teacher,one of them have not seen that instrument before and other one used to see the instruments , bit several times and he was confident that he would take short time to learn with very little money .
Both of them went and sat for an interview with the teacher
The friend who have not seen the instrument was charged 10 Rupees and one month time . The second friend friend would need 20 Rupees and double the time
When asked for the difference , the teacher answered
as the friend who is new will have to learn anew so take little time with minimum effort
But the other none learnt wrong so to unlearn it takes one month and to learn another month and double money. Any moral??


If a child is allowed / forced to learn the wrong history it is difficult to unlearn it later that is what happens sometimes when young people are unmotivated and know the wrong things which are not commensurate with our expectations.



Professor Dr. Subhagata Choudhury

Prominent Writer, physician of the subcontinent

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