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2019-03-13 20:46:11 BdST

The difference between medical education with other disciplines

Professor Dr. Subhagata Choudhury

The difference between medical education with other disciplines is that this education should make a doctor more empathetic,versatile, tolerant, patient , honest , life long learner, and self earner and having a courage to speak the truth and be a person to whom patient can keep confidentiality at the bottom of his/ her heart, never divulge to anybody.Many doctors have been made so but the negative impact on every doctor in general make many demoralised, and depressed and find an escapism from the struggle or always a negative feedback for all even if not being responsible for an act as any problem in health care doctors are pointed out even if the corruption in procurement of machines, scholarship , foreign grants . this is unfortunate nobody wants to judge the other side of the coin . Probably in this country doctors are the worst sufferers By seeing the white money earned by diligent labour by only few, everybody likes to think all doctors are earning a lot which is not the case the young doctors who are getting emoluments for hard labour is so meagure hat this should not be uttered The parents who hold very high expectations from them are depressed and the doctor son and daughter thinks this is all their fault being a doctor. If the health care could be organised in a way of making Professors non practicing only to do teaching and research , consultants for clinical practice and regional Gp as MBBS doctors then there would not be so load of patients on each specialist.


Unfortunately we are fond of food, shopping and luxury, procrastination , wastage and "see what he does I keep quiet sort of mentality " and who will bell the cat" sort of mentality and dislike modesty, humility and plain living as a nation for which this country even after so many years could not reach to the expected goal as compared to other countries alike even then I want to see the glass is half full not half empty, I wish this time positive things may happen .While I used to observe keenly many countries as they developed while visiting for studies I found those people are so appreciative of own country, so honest and so diligent and contain the country and try to develop rather than to criticize adversely and abandon own products and shop elsewhere,never buy foreign products , shop so little outside own country and live plain even their politicians ,never educate own children elsewhere instead developing own country's education.
Professor Dr. Subhagata Choudhury

Prominent Writer, physician of the subcontinent

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